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I’ve taken it upon myself to create a list of things that big families commonly experience.  This is an unscientific study, but my own personal observations.  If you can relate to most of these, congratulations you’re probably a big family!  However, if you can relate to many of these items, but have an only child…I say just wave the white flag of surrender and have more children.  

1.  One package of the family car decals just isn’t enough.

2.  One person’s idea of stocking up is your idea of a week’s worth of groceries.

3.  A full size van is luxurious.

4.  You either have, or have contemplated answering your phone with: “thank you for calling the funny farm”

5.  Your 6 year old can change a diaper, while your 4 year old makes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, while you’re having a conversation with your 8 year old about why it’s important to lift the potty seat while he pees on in the potty.  (That’s a whole ‘nother post.)

6.  You’re used to getting stared at when you go out.

7.  Strangers ask you strange questions about your personal life.

8.  You have a handful of witty comments for these strange questions.

9.  When you get together with other big families, you compare notes on who has gotten the strangest question.

10.  You can’t remember your children’s birthday’s and may have gotten them confused on legal documents.

11.  You can’t afford to have birthday parties at those fun places, because your children make up at least 1/2 the guest list included in the package.

12.  Other children will attach themselves to your entourage when you’re out…and you don’t notice.

13.  You have to count heads when you’re out to make sure everyone is with you, and then ask yourself “wait, how many kids do I have again?”

14.  Going out with 2 kids is not that big of a deal…anymore.

15.  When people marvel at how many kids you have, you smile and think, “You have no idea what you’re missing.”

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How about my fellow large families chime in, what are some other things that are common to large families?

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  1. When I grow up, I hope to have a large family like yours. Perhaps it would be possible to give me some more tips, hope you don’t mind of course.

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