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I hate to admit it, but even though I stay home with my children, I still have trouble talking with them.  I even have more trouble talking with them about biblical concepts.  However, I’ve experienced some conversations with kids that blow my mind.Easy tips to bring the Bible to life with your kids! - Anchored In His Grace #biblicalparenting

Any time I simply take the time to stop, and experience these conversations, I always walk away excited about what my children share with me.  I’m also excited with how engaged my children become, when I have conversations with them, rather than just trying to teach lessons all the time.

A little sampling of conversations we’ve had.

God is in control.  This conversation was spurred by my husband, during a game of Risk with the boys.  When my oldest became frustrated with the roll of the dice, my husband asked my son what he had learned at church camp the week prior about God being in  control.

Simple tips for bringing the Bible to life with kids! - Anchored In His Grace #biblical parenting

God is infinite.  A few  years ago, my son was enamored with the idea of infinity.  I simply drew the symbol on the board, and asked my son a few questions beginning with what’s the largest number he can think of.  Each time, I was able to create an even larger number.  The discussion turned to the difficulty of imagining the number with the highest value, it’s something we can’t wrap our brains around, because there’s always more.  So it is with the Lord, there’s more to him than we can ever imagine.  I was blown away as I saw my son sit in front of me, beaming as he reveled in the idea.

God’s written word is accurate, and we can trust what it says.  I shared a video with my children of Louie Giglio blending the sounds of creation.  The result was simply amazing, so amazing that my children declared, “It’s just like what the Bible says!  The heavens are declaring the works of his hands!”  They made this statement without my prompting, and with much excitement.  I asked them, “How long ago was that verse written?  Is this verse something we understood right away?”  With just a few questions, my children came to the conclusion that even if we don’t understand God’s word right away, we can trust that it is true, and accurate.  (Watch this amazing video below!)

Can’t watch the video?  Click here!

We don’t have conversations like these everyday, but when we do have them, it’s an affirming time for all involved.  It’s conversations like these that help me remember how important it is to talk with my children, not just at my children.  There is a time and place for teaching, and instructing.  However, I admit, I tend to hide from talking with my children.

How do you get to these conversations with kids?

Get to know God, and his word for yourself.  Scripture, and examples from the Bible, will not come floating down from the ceiling at the right time if you’re unfamiliar with them.  You have to be actively searching God in his word in your own personal time.  I know it’s tough; it’s been tough for me for a long time.  But it’s worth continuing to pursue.  Here are a few tips I put together: How to Do Bible Study and Babies.

Pray, pray, pray!  I can’t say it enough, that prayer is vitally important.  Pray for the opportunity for conversations with kids, pray to recognize the opportunity, and pray for your children to see God during these conversations.

Ask questions.  Often times I just come up with one question, and the conversation takes off.  Typically my children will give a “right” answer, but I probe them more with questions that might appear strange to them.  Or I’ll ask them what a word they used means, and we move on from their.  Let the Holy Spirit guide your thoughts, and try not to make this a time of giving “right” answers to life’s tough questions.

Seize the moment!  This one is really tough for me.  Usually great conversations happen during the middle of a school lesson.  I really dislike interrupting a school lesson for anything.  I simply want to get through the lesson, and check it off the list.  Stopping for a conversation, even a really great one, only means the lesson will take longer to complete.  However, if I don’t seize the moment for a great conversation, I’ll miss out on 90% of these amazing conversations with kids.  I’ve discovered this is what homeschooling is all about.  Yes, completing the lessons are important, but it’s these conversations that strengthen the relationships within our home, and our relationship with the Lord!

Read, read, read.  And read some more!  Books are great conversation starters.  I can’t tell you how many times we’ve compared other religions to Christianity, compared evolution to creation, or discussed the effects of what we put into our bodies all because we’re reading a book.  It’s usually a school book, too.  Check out our list of favorite books!

Bringing the Bible to life doesn’t have to be complicated, or structured.

Grounding yourself in God’s word, and then capitalizing on conversations can lead to a discussion of God, and the gospel on a daily basis.  Get excited about talking with your children, and let the Holy Spirit guide you.  You’ll be amazed at seeing God in action.

Experiencing God's grace everyday - Anchored In His Grace

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