31 Messages from God

Dear sweet friends, and moms of all kinds of backgrounds.  I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how many differences there are between us, we all struggle with the same thing.

Whether we stay at home, work at home, work away from home, breastfeed, bottle feed, make our own snacks, or not, the bottom line is…we moms have very similar struggles.

Not realizing it, recently the Lord allowed me to listen carefully to my inner voice.

You know, the self-talk we give ourselves when the day is slipping downhill far too quickly.

Moms, as I listened I could almost hear the Lord seeking to declare his truth to me, but I was far too concerned with my inadequacies, and failures to hear his liberating voice.

I wish I could tell you the scripture I store in my heart every morning is what brought me from my state of defeat.  But that would be a lie…I don’t store up scripture every morning!  ←Something I’d like to change, but let’s face it…life’s not perfect.  🙂

However, I did hear a few words that rocked my world…and those are the words I seek to share with you over the next month.

Apparently every October bloggers all over gather together and write for 31 days.  I wasn’t going to do it; I didn’t do it last year, and I certainly wasn’t going to commit myself this year.

Too much commitment, too much time.

Then I chose to delve in, creating lists of ideas, and even writing a week’s worth of material to share with you.

Then I gave it up…too much time, too much commitment.

Then I had my inner battle, and that my friends is what prompted me to ditch my original ideas, and share with you this…

Combat lies from the enemy about motherhood by hearing from God everyday! - Anchored In His Grace

I want to share with you the truth that was spoken to my heart, as I sat and dwelled upon what the Bible really has to say about us.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard amazing moms say such awful things about themselves that aren’t even close to truth.  And that’s what they’re willing to share publicly!  What in the world are they telling themselves privately?

What are you telling yourself about your mothering privately?

God has more for you, and that’s what I want to bring to you each and every day during October.

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Moms, the accuser is our enemy, and he will do anything to thwart our great work of motherhood; too many times he’ll plant lies in our heads, and we listen.

Instead, let’s hear what the Lord has to say, and listen to Him!

Combat lies from the enemy about motherhood by hearing from God everyday! - Anchored In His Grace


Topics in this series:

  1. You’re No Mess!
  2. Your Work Is Meaningful
  3. You Are Heard!
  4. You’re Known by The Almighty!
  5. You’re A Conqueror
  6. Christ the Conqueror!
  7. God is Enough
  8. When The Heart Cries, “Lord, I Can’t Do This!”
  9. You Are Not Alone
  10. God Will Give You More Than You Can Handle
  11. I’m An Awful Mom: The Wayward Child
  12. I’m An Awful Mom: Our Imperfections
  13. I’m An Awful Mom: Too Many Tasks Too Little Time
  14. An Invitation
  15. Your Prayers Are Cherished
  16. Lord, I Can’t Trust You
  17. A Reminder to Abide
  18. Revisiting Truth From the Word of God
  19. Tomorrow Will Worry About Itself
  20. God Is Using You
  21. He’s Got Your Back
  22. Enough for Today
  23. God’s Provision for Mothers
  24. We Can’t Thwart God’s Plans
  25. Hands of a Warrior
  26. A Quiet Time? Or A Production?
  27. A Mother’s Fears
  28. You’re Not Stuck In Sin
  29. Lies And The Everlasting God
  30. You’re No Failure
  31. Write 31 Days Wrap-Up

Experiencing God's grace everyday - Anchored In His Grace

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