What A Homeschooler Really Learns

I was asked recently, twice in one day actually, what my children were learning that specific day.  It got me thinking what homeschoolers really learn in the course of their homeschooling life.  Better yet, what do they have the opportunity to learn?

Homeschooling frees up a parent, and student, to approach learning in a way that non-homeschoolers don’t realize.  It allows us, parent and child, to reach beyond academics enriching our understanding of the world.


What is your child learning about today? Over 100 aspects a typical homeschooler learns! - Anchored In His Grace #homeschool

Learning opportunities for a typical homeschooler:

  1. Number sense, and how having a handle on numbers helps us to better understand the relationships between space, time, objects, and the world around us. (<–that’s math!)
  2. Learning to read
  3. Understanding what is being read, and what one is reading
  4. Mental computation
  5. Using mathematics in the real world
  6. Grammatical structure of sentences, and how understanding this impacts our understanding of what we are reading
  7. Communicating via writing
  8. Communicating thoughts orally
  9. Cooking
  10. Time management (managing time working on school so they have plenty of time to play)
  11. Serving others
  12. Self care
  13. Home care
  14. Thinking
  15. Thinking independently
  16. Asking appropriate questions
  17. Showing respect
  18. Honoring mom & dad, and others as well
  19. Discovering the world around them
  20. Investigating the world around them
  21. Working hard
  22. Perseverance
  23. Patience
  24. How not to be brain washed by….
  25. How to learn
  26. How to listen
  27. How to focus
  28. Exploration of the world around them
  29. Creative thinking through investigating, discovering, and exploring
  30. How to consider the good of others
  31. How to use kind words
  32. How to develop personal convictions
  33. How to defend their personal convictions
  34. How to love the Lord
  35. How to love others
  36. How to formulate an opinion
  37. Applying academics to the real world
  38. How to behave in public
  39. How to plan a garden
  40. How to fish and decide what to do with the fish
  41. How to problem solve with creative solutions
  42. How to help others
  43. How to plan their day
  44. Leadership skills
  45. Speaking skills
  46. Presentation skills
  47. Having joy through challenging moments
  48. Finding joy in the everyday
  49. How to be a joy to others
  50. Cultivating peace with others
  51. Showing kindness to others
  52. Goodness
  53. Gentleness
  54. Self-control
  55. Self-discipline
  56. Self-respect
  57. Esteem for others
  58. Who God is
  59. Who Jesus is
  60. Who the Holy Spirit is
  61. Bible knowledge
  62. Applying the Bible to real life
  63. Home management
  64. Caring for a baby, or other people
  65. How to potty train a toddler
  66. How to forgive
  67. How to receive forgiveness
  68. Humility
  69. Respect for authority
  70. How to bear with one another
  71. How to honor others
  72. How to be a family
  73. There are consequences for actions
  74. Responsibility for work & self
  75. Trusting their parents, and understanding parents have their best interest at heart
  76. How to consistently do chores
  77. How to be flexible when necessary
  78. How to make a menu plan and a grocery list
  79. How to care for animals
  80. How to evaluate books, movies, tv, internet, and walk away from what’s not appropriate
  81. How to be a good friend
  82. Parents are fun and have a sense of humor
  83. How to set a budget and follow it
  84. Saving money for large purchases
  85. Their own uniqueness; they don’t have to read, add, or understand academics at the same age as anyone else
  86. Validation of the Bible through science
  87. God cares about accuracy
  88. Biblical principles
  89. How to learn from history and the importance of learning from history
  90. To be gentle to little people and older people
  91. God is the creator of all things including academic subject matter, and cares about how we use them
  92. Faith and academics are woven into every part of every day
  93. Learning can be fun
  94. Fun can be educational
  95. The destination isn’t always more important than the journey or process
  96. Life is not fair, and that’s ok
  97. How to be a wife or husband, and a mom or dad
  98. How to love learning
  99. How to self-educate
  100. How to solve everyday problems
  101. How to relate to various ages of people
  102. How to catch a frog, a chipmunk, or any backyard visitor
  103. How to have an awe and wonder of God
  104. How to have an awe and wonder of God’s creation
  105. How to care responsibly for what God has given us
  106. How to shoot a bow and arrow, or play catch
  107. How to wait your turn
  108. How to say “I love you” with more than just words
  109. How to ask questions, not be afraid of asking questions, and not be afraid of addressing questions
  110. Family values

As you can see, this list includes a plethora of life skills that far exceed academic studies.  I recently shared with a friend, the vast majority of our day is spent on character and leadership development.  Studying academics at home frees us up with the opportunity to build in these character qualities which will benefit any aspect of our children’s lives.

What would you add to the list?

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  1. What a wonderful and comprehensive list of things that homeschoolers can/do learn. As Baby Boy is continuing to age/grow, I’ve been spending a little more time thinking about what he’s been learning these last 2 years of his life and how we’d like to see that learning continue, building upon his learning through experiences as well as direction 🙂
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