Perspective When You’re Ready to Quit

A few months ago, I sent a text to my husband which read:

“I’m putting in my two weeks notice…I quit.”

It was sent in jest, and my husband knew it, but he also knew it must be an incredibly difficult day for me to send him that message.  I had never sent a message like that before.

Then the Lord began to prod on my heart, and a word began creeping into my life.  I can’t simply get rid of the word…it just keeps coming up.


The secret to keeping the persepective, when you're ready to quit. -  Anchored In His Grace

I’ve had other friends joke and tease about being done with this whole motherhood thing.  Or this whole homeschool thing.  Or this whole stay at home mom thing.  So, I know I’m not alone when I say….

I’m done.

Keeping the perspective.

“Therefore, we do not lose heart.  Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.” 2 Corinthians 4:16

I remember when I learned to snow ski the instructor told us to look where you want to ski.  If you’re looking at your feet, you’ll fall.  If you’re looking off the edge of the mountain, you’ll ski off the edge of the mountain.  But if you’re looking straight ahead, or in the direction you want to turn, that’s where your body will follow.

Whether we’re folding clothes, wiping bottoms, sharing the gospel, or keeping the boss happy we’re to live with our eyes set on eternity.

Like the apostle Paul who declared his discovery of contentment to the Philippians, I’ve discovered the secret to living everyday with an eternal perspective.

Abiding in Christ.

Just as Paul shared the secret to contentment is all about Jesus, so is the secret of keeping an eternal perspective.

It’s all about Jesus.

And when we abide in Christ consistently, we’re more capable of keeping an eternal perspective.  We’re better able to work for the Lord.  We’re ready to fight the good fight, and run the race the Lord has set before us.

Abiding in Christ keeps our everyday life in view of eternity, it gives us the much needed perspective, and aids us in enduring the challenges that come.

The secret of keeping an eternal perspective is as simple as that; yet appears to be difficult as well.  Abiding in Christ is a topic I frequent here because it’s how my daily life is anchored in the grace of God.  However, it’s not as difficult as it seems; the buttons below will be helpful for any overwhelmed mommy seeking to abide!

Abiding in Christ for the tired, overwhelmed mommy. - Anchored In His Grace #motherhood

For those moments when even abiding in Christ is too daunting of a task. - Anchored In His Grace #abidinginchrist #bible

Remembering to abide in Christ - Anchored In His Grace

Tips for the tired mama and her bible study - Anchored In His Grace

Honestly, abiding in Christ is easier than we realize and it’s just what the soul desires.  The soul drinks deeply his grace, and is replenished to tackle the weariness of the work at hand.

Don’t give up mom, drink deeply and be replenished by Him who desires to bear your burdens for you.  By Him who keeps your perspective on eternity.

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Experiencing God's grace everyday - Anchored In His Grace

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  1. Thanks for sharing Caroline! I’ve sent my hubby the two-week notice before too 😉 It can be very difficult being a mom, and I think it is compounded by the fact that we never truly get a break (even when we are away we are thinking about them!). It truly is so important to keep perspective and keep abiding on both the hard days, and the easy ones. Have a lovely day!
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