Beautiful Simplicity: The Tale of Living

Let me tell you a tale of a mom. 

This mom was like all other mothers.  She woke in the morning to the needs of her children.  She fed them breakfast, got them dressed, taught them how to walk, how to talk, how to use the restroom.  She had conversations with them, lots of conversations.  She taught them, she trained them, she disciplined them, and from time to time she enjoyed them.

Yet as the days became months, and the months became years she realized she was still doing the same thing she was doing years ago when she first became a mother.  Day in and day out, the same tasks would be completed, or at least attempted to be completed.

Well, they looked good on the tasks sheet at least.

Is simplicity truly beautiful? Tell us your tale of the beautiful in your simplicity. - Anchored In His Grace #ChristianLiving

Even her conversations with her children were the same.  Even for what she disciplined her children remained the same.  Even what they learned from her was the same.

Each and every day.

Over time she saw that her work never changed much, other than adding another child to the mix.  And as the years passed a stirring grew in her heart.  She wondered if what she did every day amounted to much of anything.

She wondered why she did the work she did, if all she was to do was do it again tomorrow….and the next day…and the next!

Is simplicity truly beautiful? Tell us your tale of the beautiful in your simplicity. - Anchored In His Grace #ChristianLiving

Now let me tell you a tale of a people.

A people so consumed with instant gratification they uncovered a monstrous desire to be wowed, to be shocked, to be impressed.  They’re daily tasks were not enough to make them feel important, they needed more.  Every day, they hungered for more.

Move me, their hearts would cry.  The here and now is not enough!  Tell me something which will make me feel amazing each and every day.

They were on a constant search to either be something special, to feel something special, or to know something special.  They desperately wanted it entwined as their daily lives unfolded.

And as they searched for that one something special every day, they lost sight of the beautiful simplicity in every day living transforming this beauty into something meaningless even though it lay right in front of their eyes.

Is simplicity truly beautiful? Tell us your tale of the beautiful in your simplicity. - Anchored In His Grace #ChristianLiving

Now let me tell you a tale of a man.

A man who had the daunting task of leading a rather large group of people.  A man who faced the king who enslaved these people, and demanded release.  A man who God chose to work through in accomplishing His plans.

Many know his name, and consider the wonderful ways the Lord chose to use him.  We know the events in which he was involved.  Plagues, parting the Red Sea, manna and quail in the middle of the desert, water from a rock, defeat of the enemies, and even meeting God Himself on a mountain are the events we are all too familiar with.

Wow.  That must have been a riveting life to live.

We are the moms.  Our culture is the people.  And Moses is the man.

We meander throughout our day wondering if the Lord is going to do something wonderful with our lives, wondering if there’s something special to be a part of, because laundry just isn’t special enough.  Because having the same conversation I’ve had over the past ten years just isn’t special enough.  Life just isn’t special enough.

As I’ve read through Exodus lately, and taken a look at Moses’ life something stood out to me that I hadn’t noticed before.  Moses was eighty years old before he was sent to lead the Israelites to the Promised Land.  For some reason, God chose to wait eighty years before sending Moses to do what we all think are great things.

Is simplicity truly beautiful? Tell us your tale of the beautiful in your simplicity. - Anchored In His Grace #ChristianLiving

For eighty years, Moses lived a daily life; forty of which as a shepherd.

My guess is that he was doing some mundane, redundant, everyday tasks; yet something special was happening; God was working in him.

The point here isn’t whether or not God will call us to something special over our lifetime, the point is that something is already happening right now.

Christ is working in us.

Whether it be while washing dishes, folding clothes, wiping noses, reminding to keep manners, teaching how to calculate surface area, conversations we have each and every day, Christ is still working in us.

Not all of us will be a Moses leading a multitude of people, and having our names written down in the history books.  We don’t have to look for a life filled with events worthy of a news crew knocking on our door.

Hear me rightly when I say, the point isn’t about whether or not we work through the same exact tasks every single day of our lives.  The point is what God is doing through Christ, and yet He does it in us each and every day while we’re meandering our way through the day.

God grows us through Christ every day, we have no need to go searching for something more.

Now, tell me a tale of how you will praise the Lord for the life you have, not one you wish for.

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