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Anchored In His Grace is all about sharing.  Sharing with you how God is revealing his grace to me during the ups and downs of every day life.  As much as I am enjoying writing, I’m much better at simply sharing.  Sharing how God shows up during the most challenging moments of the day.  Sharing how God tells me, “It’s ok if you’re not doing everything everyone else is doing!”  Sharing how God teaches me to simplify what seems to be impossible.  My hope is that you will find encouragement for the day, realize you don’t have to follow a formula to do great things, or maybe even laugh a little.

What you will find at Anchored In His Grace!

Because God’s grace impacts every area of our lives, I share about various topics.  If the Lord leads me to take a deep breath, and relax, then I’ll share it with you.  Whether that’s through homeschooling, parenting, marriage, or even recipes, God’s grace is ever-present in every aspect of our lives.

Devotionals for Kids

Looking for some ideas to help you pour into your child’s growth in the Lord?  Check out my series on biblical character for kids: Ditching Devotionals for Kids.  Need help with Bible memorization for your children?  My tips in Teach Your Child to Memorize the Bible are sure to help!

We can all use some great marriage tips, here are my best Tips From 14 Years of Marriage, I’m positive it’ll challenge you towards a God honoring marriage.

What about homeschooling?  What I don't like about Saxon Math - Anchored In His Grace #homeschoolI spent some time collaborating my experience using different homeschool curriculums here: 5 Years of Homeschool Curriculum.  Homeschooling is tough enough, but with the overwhelming amount of information out there, simply deciding on a curriculum can be very stressful!  I highlighted my experience with Classical Conversations, Saxon Math, Reading, and Handwriting.  I’m hopeful it will give you some insight into various curriculums in your own homeschool research, and possibly decrease the stress level a little.

Every mother can use some encouragement!  Here are my favorites:

And on occasion you can tickle your funny bone!  The Mark of A Big Family is a favorite, along with T-Shirt Ideas For Big Families.

I’d love to hear from you!

Grab a cup of coffee, and hang around a while.  While you’re at it, let me know what you think, and leave a comment!  You can contact me through my contact page, which includes links to various social media.  However, I’ll be honest, the absolute best way to connect with me, and keep up with Anchored In His Grace, is through the subscription box; be sure to click here to receive the most up to date posts from Anchored In His Grace.

Who is the author behind the blog?

This is me, Caroline, and I’ve been married for 1Anchoring my life in the grace of Jesus Christ! - Anchored In His Grace4 years, have five children (ages 9, 8, 6, 3, and 2), and I’ve been homeschooling for five years.  Although I’m far from perfect, I still seek to honor God in my home by ministering to my family, my friends, and now to others through my words.  I am actively involved in my church by leading our Kid Zone Worship ministry during our church’s worship service.  I also direct our local Classical Conversations homeschool community.  In my spare time I…wait, I don’t think I have any spare time!  Ha!  When I’m not falling asleep from exhaustion, I really enjoy reading a good fiction novel, or sharing life with a good friend.  I love nature, in particularly the beach, and enjoy the heat of the summer.

marriage tipsMy husband and I knew each other when we were children, but reconnected while in college.  Jumping into marriage as college students, after a short engagement definitely had its challenges.  But every year proves that God is good, and through his guidance we have grown closer together.  Through his grace, we’re learning how to sacrifice, serve, and love each other fully.  We make once a month date nights a priority, and my husband enjoys challenging me towards things such as the rope climb he installed in the back yard.  Yep, a rope climb!  On those days that I don’t think I can accomplish the great work at hand, he’s my biggest encourager.  Half of what I do, I wouldn’t have done if it weren’t for my husband declaring, “Oh, you can do that!”  I simply can’t imagine life without either my husband, or The Lord!

Scarlet b-day 057 copyThese are my precious blessings!  After 5 years of marriage, we finally started having children.  I was very reluctant, and was not looking forward to having children.  However, once we started we just kept going.  My oldest loves to dig in the dirt, and build creations.  My eight year old loves crafting anything with her hands, and playing outdoors with her brothers.  My six-year-old, well, he’s my scary child; he loves stunts, and is absolutely fearless.  My three-year old is quiet, and loves everything mommy.  My two-year old…well, she’s two.  Need I say more?  They each love learning in their own way, and each child proves to be uniquely created by God, expressing themselves each in a different way.  They each bring joy, excitement, and a touch of crazy to our home.  Our cup truly is overflowing!

Experiencing God's grace everyday - Anchored In His Grace

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