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The Vitality of Our Prayer Lives

Until recently, I had never considered the vitality of my prayer life.  What is it that’s really important to the Lord when we pray?  I know He wants us to pray, so I figured since I was praying it was enough.

But what’s important to the Lord?  What does He want me to get out of this thing called prayer?

Last year I had the opportunity to experience an example of the Tabernacle, much like the Israelites built before entering the Promised Land.  What I discovered about the Lord, myself, and my relationship with the Lord surprised me.

The Tabernacle was a special place for the Israelites.  It was set in the middle of their camp, and God Himself dwelt within the Tabernacle among His people.  The Tabernacle preceded the Temple, and every detail was significant.

We can thumb through chapter upon chapter within the Old Testament to discover the immense details the Lord required of the Tabernacle.  This was to be Continue reading The Vitality of Our Prayer Lives

The Israelites, Toddler Fits, and Remembering God’s Grace

Confession time, I am a grumbler.  I am a complainer.  When things aren’t going my way, I flat out throw a nice toddler fit.  Well, I may not necessarily lay on the floor, spin around in a spectacle, but that’s what’s happening on the inside.

When my plans are askew, when the day unravels unexpectedly, when my children don’t respond the way I think they should…toddler fit.

It seems that I forget the goodness of the Lord.  It seems I forget the goodness of His grace.  It seems that I forget the goodness of life.

It’s beginning to become clearer of why the Lord so often commanded the Israelites to remember. Continue reading The Israelites, Toddler Fits, and Remembering God’s Grace

Beautiful Simplicity: The Tale of Living

Let me tell you a tale of a mom. 

This mom was like all other mothers.  She woke in the morning to the needs of her children.  She fed them breakfast, got them dressed, taught them how to walk, how to talk, how to use the restroom.  She had conversations with them, lots of conversations.  She taught them, she trained them, she disciplined them, and from time to time she enjoyed them.

Yet as the days became months, and the months became years she realized she was still doing the same thing she was doing years ago when she first became a mother.  Day in and day out, the same tasks would be completed, or at least attempted to be completed.

Well, they looked good on the tasks sheet at least. Continue reading Beautiful Simplicity: The Tale of Living

Perspective When You’re Ready to Quit

A few months ago, I sent a text to my husband which read:

“I’m putting in my two weeks notice…I quit.”

It was sent in jest, and my husband knew it, but he also knew it must be an incredibly difficult day for me to send him that message.  I had never sent a message like that before.

Then the Lord began to prod on my heart, and a word began creeping into my life.  I can’t simply get rid of the word…it just keeps coming up. Continue reading Perspective When You’re Ready to Quit

National Day of Prayer: More Than Just a Prayer

Tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer.  It’s when America is asked to seek favor from the Lord.  Many Christians are well aware of when the National Day of Prayer is, and what to do on that day…pray.

This excites us.  The idea of our entire nation petitioning the Lord on the same day.

How many people, I wonder, will bow before the throne of grace and seek the Lord’s favor for our nation?

How many voices will be lifted to heaven seeking healing for our land?

How many?

And what exactly are we willing to do when it comes to that prayer.  If we heard the Lord speak, are we willing to follow his instructions?

Are we willing to sacrifice, to let go of ideals, intentions, thought processes if that is what he asks of us? Continue reading National Day of Prayer: More Than Just a Prayer

The Plan Which Teaches Me To Trust

Today is a Five Minute Friday Post; every Friday bloggers are given a word prompt and instructed to write for five minutes.  No more, no less.  Today’s word prompt: plan.


Much like many mothers out there I begin my day with a plan in mind.  It’s a plan which tells me what to expect during the day.  But I’ve had a problem with that for some years.

My plan never, ever works out.

So much frustration in my day occurs due to the plan not working out.  In my early years of parenting, I would find myself experiencing anxiety due to the plan fizzling during the day.  It’s been a difficult challenge to learn how to just run with a new plan.

I even tried to head this off by creating several different plans to work with for my week.  Plans which included the disruptions; maybe if I included those disruptions I wouldn’t have this shut down effect when the plan doesn’t work out the way I envisioned.

But then I discovered something. Continue reading The Plan Which Teaches Me To Trust

When Christ Knows Our Name

I am currently 100 pages into the almost 1500 page book Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.  A huge attempt for me, especially since I am generally a slow reader.  The story opens up the world of Jean Valjean to us after completing his 19 year prison sentence.

When Jean Valjean is released from prison he is required to report to another city.  One which is many miles away, and he is traveling on foot.  Although he has enough money to purchase lodging and food, no one will take him in due to him being a convict.

A “very dangerous” one for that matter.

An interaction at the beginning of this story really struck me.  As Jean Valjean is seeking lodging and food, he has a conversation with the inn keeper, one which the story alludes is all too familiar to him. Continue reading When Christ Knows Our Name

Life’s Race: What Are You Running For?

There’s nothing like a great story to get your noggin’ working overtime.  Last night my family watched the movie Chrariots of Fire; a story about Eric Liddell’s choice between competing in the Olympics and his devotion to the Lord.

It was so interesting watching the movie; as we saw the story unfold, we had a glimpse of his desire to honor the Lord, and point people to Christ at the same time.  After years of training he ends up in the Olympics, and come to find out his event is on Sunday.  Deeply convicted of running on the Lord’s day, he chose not to compete.

As I thought about those circumstances I know exactly what I would be thinking.

Lord, I chose to do this because I thought it’s where you’re leading me.  So, why Continue reading Life’s Race: What Are You Running For?

When Abiding In Christ Is Overwhelming

“We are so easily led to look at life as a great big whole, and to neglect the little today, to forget that the single days do indeed make up the whole, and that the value of each single day depends on its influence on the whole.” Abiding in Christ: Andrew Murray

I remember when I first read through the book Abiding in Christ, the idea of abiding each and every day was just too daunting, too overwhelming, and unachievable.  I had a newborn in the house, and was desperately trying to meander through each day with very little sleep.

This newborn happened to be my most difficult sleeper, and was awake so much during her first year of life.

Anytime I thought about abiding, I immediately felt overwhelmed, and defeated.  How can Continue reading When Abiding In Christ Is Overwhelming

When Your Advent Devotional Is Wearing You Out

Tis the season for advent, and tis the season for the advent devotional!  Similar to most families, we have quite a few advent traditions.  The most common tradition is this…

We never complete our advent devotional.  Gasp!

Friends, this morning let me bring you the ultimate guide to simplify your advent devotional.  Perfect for busy, overwhelmed, non-crafty moms.  This, dear mommies, is how advent gets accomplished in our home without all the bells and whistles.

After all…Christ is the bell and whistle we’re focusing on anyway, right? Continue reading When Your Advent Devotional Is Wearing You Out