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Simple Organization for Busy Bags

About three or four years ago, I was introduced to busy bags, and since then we’ve never looked back.  Busy bags are a large part of my preschoolers lives, and over the years I’ve steadily collected these activities for my children.

Some I’ve created myself, some I’ve found on Pinterest, and others I’ve come across in conversations with friends.  {Here are my favorite busy bags!}  A few years ago I realized our busy bag situation needed some confinement.

Quick, simple, and easy! Organize those busy bags practically without loosing your mind! - Anchored In His Grace #busybags

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Easy Busy Bags for Little Ones

Over the years I’ve collected quite a few busy bags for my little ones.  Busy bags have been a great way for my preschoolers, and toddlers, to have a quiet activity they can do on their own.

Many busy bags offer an educational element, but they all offer fine motor practice.  Not to mention the independent skills young children are learning when they retrieve their busy bag, and then are expected to put it away when they’re completed.

Busy bags are simple activities in which all supplies fit into a zipped, gallon size plastic bag.  I must have at least 30 busy bags tucked away, but there are some that my children gravitate towards weekly.

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Encourage Independent Play In Children

This is something that I’ve been wanting to share with you for quite some time; it is my all time favorite way to encourage independent play each and every day.  I’ve always known I’m not a crafty mom, but as the years of parenthood rolled by I discovered my  children are very crafty.

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How To Make An Activity Binder For Kids

In all my ten years of parenting, I’ve never provided anything crafty for my children for Thanksgiving.  I’m just not a crafty mom.  It’s not my cup of tea to find the ideas, gather the supplies, and supervise the children during their time of creating.

I’d much rather my children just run and play with each other, or family members.

However, this year is a bit different…slightly; this activity binder that I’ve put together will give my children something fun and crafty to do without overwhelming myself.  And even better, Continue reading How To Make An Activity Binder For Kids

Fun With Food Coloring!

A few weeks ago, my five-year old came to me asking to do a project.  Years ago, I had simple projects, ready to go for spontaneous moments like this.  However, I’m not sure what happened to all those supplies, or what I included in the list of projects!  I began to dig around in my kitchen, and pantry wondering what in the world I could use to create a spontaneous, simple project that he could enjoy.  I didn’t need lesson plans, or curriculum, just something fun that he could do!  Which brings me to…

Quick, and easy projects using food coloring that kids will love! - Anchored In His Grace #simpleprojects


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Five Ways to Increase Productivity by Saying “No” to Electronics

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you use electronics in some way in your home.  Whether it be for business, home management, or just for fun, it’s probably safe to assume you use them in general.  I don’t know about you, but in our home electronic usage can get out of hand.  All too often I find that I’m distracted from my daily tasks, because the internet seems to be calling my name.  I’ve now discovered Continue reading Five Ways to Increase Productivity by Saying “No” to Electronics