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Classically Educated: The Art of Learning

Over the past seven years I have learned more and more about classical education.  This year is no different.

One of the many benefits of the program we use, Classical Conversations, is the program is constantly equipping parents to understand the classical education model so that we can best implement it in our home.  A few months ago, I attended a Classical Conversations Parent Practicum where I once again peeled off another layer of the onion of what we call the classical model.

It was quite enlightening.

In a previous post about the classical model, I discuss differing stages of this education model; however, I have learned to think on these stages a little differently. Continue reading Classically Educated: The Art of Learning

Let Them Get Muddy

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about homeschooling over the years, it’s this….homeschooling is so much more than the lessons, the worksheets, and even the books our children read.

It’s more than schedules.  It’s more than writing.  It’s more than the structure.

There’s a part of life that can’t be learned through books, through instruction, or through a checklist of do’s and don’ts for the day.

Sometimes it’s about life.  Sometimes it’s about letting them get muddy.

Continue reading Let Them Get Muddy

The Best Thing I Did for My Homeschool

This is a bit of information which I’m almost embarrassed to share with you.  After seven years of homeschooling, I really would have thought I had this figured out.  But alas, here I sit, sharing with you what just might be the most world altering event in my homeschool.

It seems so simple, and I have actually encouraged others to do this one thing; yet I’m just now putting it in practice and reaping the blessings.

Maybe you figured this out already, but deep down I’m just hoping I’m not the only one who took so long to figure this out.  It’s so simple, yet so complex. Continue reading The Best Thing I Did for My Homeschool

What A Homeschooler Really Learns

I was asked recently, twice in one day actually, what my children were learning that specific day.  It got me thinking what homeschoolers really learn in the course of their homeschooling life.  Better yet, what do they have the opportunity to learn?

Homeschooling frees up a parent, and student, to approach learning in a way that non-homeschoolers don’t realize.  It allows us, parent and child, to reach beyond academics enriching our understanding of the world. Continue reading What A Homeschooler Really Learns

Persevering Through Tough Homeschool Days

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, right?  Is that how you feel when the homeschooling days are long?  Is that the pep talk you give yourself when the children are complaining about their work, they won’t do their work, or when that yellow school bus drives by the house?

Nah, me either.  I’m a bit short on homeschooling pep talks these days.  Instead this is what I hear myself saying more often than not…

I am done with school!  I am done with teaching!  I am done homeschooling.

I. am. done.

Man, oh man.  Have I been there!  Actually, I was there just a few months ago.

Come to think of it, I’ve been traveling the “I’m done” road for a few years.

If there’s one thing I can say I completely get…it’s being done with this homeschooling thing.  Few things try my patience like the day in and day out of homeschooling, and I have many days in which I’m ready to just give it up for good.

Throw in the towel.

Let someone else deal with the back talk, the complaints, the eye-rolls.

But I know homeschooling is it for us.  So, how do I press on in our homeschooling goals when I’m done with it?

The link below will take you to my top-secret tips on what I really do when homeschooling just isn’t going my way.

K for Keep on Keepin’ on

Friends, I have the wonderful opportunity to share this very important topic with you over at My Joy-Filled Life.  Hop on over for the best tips in the business to keep you going on those tough days, and be sure to let me know what you would add which helps you persevere during challenging moments of homeschool!

After all, we’re all in this together, right?

When homeschooling gets tough, how to keep going. - Anchored In His Grace #homeschool

Experiencing God's grace everyday - Anchored In His Grace

Ancient History Books for Kids

Books, books, and more books!  Can any homeschooler have enough books, or book lists?  Whatever your homeschool style or curriculum choices, chances are books are a large portion of your child’s academic day.  Ancient History is a particularly fun portion of history to enjoy with children, and over the years we’ve collected some great books (and not so great ones) introducing children to an exciting, yet mysterious time in history.

Ancient History books for kids of all ages! - Anchored In His Grace #books #homeschool

Next year, we happen to be covering Ancient History and I happen to have compiled all our favorite books on the subject, in which I am sharing here:

B is for Books on Ancient History

….with To The Moon and Back

Dare I say these books may actually be the best?  Ok, I will.  These titles are the best, and I’m thrilled to finally share them with you!

After years of collecting and weeding out not so great books, this list settles on the best ones yet.

Be sure to click the link above for our absolute favorite books we’ve used over the years, all of which my children devour and beg to read time and time again.

Are your favorite Ancient History books on the list?  What would you add to this list?

Experiencing God's grace everyday - Anchored In His Grace

Books on a Budget

If there’s one thing homeschoolers have in common it’s their love for books.  Books, books, and more books is the hot topic of conversation between homeschoolers of every background you can imagine.

The problem is, how to you utilize all these wonderful books without breaking your budget?

Utilizing quality books on a budget takes a bit of planning.  You’ve got to know what your budget for school books is, what you absolutely need for homeschooling, as well as what you want for your homeschool.

It takes time, but Continue reading Books on a Budget

Why I Homeschool {And They’re Not Academic Reasons}

Before venturing out on our own homeschool journey, I asked many friends this question.  Why do you homeschool?

I just didn’t get it.  So many of their reasons I kept seeing as something that parents should be doing anyway.  Involvement in their education, teaching certain values, to influence them…all these things I see many parents do with or without homeschool.

And they’re great reasons to homeschool, but I still wasn’t sold on homeschooling my own children.  Initially it was the program that I currently use that sold me on homeschool…I just loved the program so much, I wanted to be apart of it.  So…we were homeschooling.  {Read more about that journey here.}

However, my reasons to continue homeschooling my children quickly changed Continue reading Why I Homeschool {And They’re Not Academic Reasons}

Simplify Science In Homeschool With Multiple Ages

Science is an awesome subject to teach; it’s a subject the kids can see, and touch for themselves.  What child doesn’t love exploring the world around them?

Even though Classical Conversations (CC) is the spine of our curriculum, I want to share with you how we approach science with Classical Conversations, and how we simplify science in homeschool (even with multiple stages of learning)!  Even though we use CC as our spine, I think these methods can apply to anyone, even if you’re not using CC.

What we use to keep science simplified in our homeschool! - Anchored In His Grace #homeschool #science

I’ve used CC for the past five years, since my oldest was four.  Therefore, I’ve implemented several different methods, with different books, while approaching science with Classical Conversations.  *A disclaimer: using the classical model, you really don’t need extra stuff to add to CC’s science!  The memory work is plenty for the elementary stage, but some children enjoy doing more with science.  Sticking to the basics is the primary way we simplify science in homeschool! Continue reading Simplify Science In Homeschool With Multiple Ages

Do You Like Homeschooling?

Do you like homeschooling?  Do you enjoy it?

I get these questions often when others find out that I homeschool, and when I hear them, I’m a bit perplexed.  Not really sure how to answer, I start thinking of what I used to think homeschool was supposed to look like.

Homeschooling confessions, what it's really like! - Anchored In His Grace #homeschooling! - Anchored In His Grace #homeschooling

Before starting homeschooling, I envisioned crafts, activities, and projects to drive home the purpose behind our education.  Focusing to make my child’s education fun, but as the years unfolded, I found myself pregnant with my fourth child, a toddler ransacking the house, a preschooler, and an elementary child needing to be educated.  I simply couldn’t make my ideal of homeschooling happen; I was just too exhausted.  Then I realized what I didn’t expect… Continue reading Do You Like Homeschooling?