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Classically Educated: The Art of Learning

Over the past seven years I have learned more and more about classical education.  This year is no different.

One of the many benefits of the program we use, Classical Conversations, is the program is constantly equipping parents to understand the classical education model so that we can best implement it in our home.  A few months ago, I attended a Classical Conversations Parent Practicum where I once again peeled off another layer of the onion of what we call the classical model.

It was quite enlightening.

In a previous post about the classical model, I discuss differing stages of this education model; however, I have learned to think on these stages a little differently. Continue reading Classically Educated: The Art of Learning

Simplify Science In Homeschool With Multiple Ages

Science is an awesome subject to teach; it’s a subject the kids can see, and touch for themselves.  What child doesn’t love exploring the world around them?

Even though Classical Conversations (CC) is the spine of our curriculum, I want to share with you how we approach science with Classical Conversations, and how we simplify science in homeschool (even with multiple stages of learning)!  Even though we use CC as our spine, I think these methods can apply to anyone, even if you’re not using CC.

What we use to keep science simplified in our homeschool! - Anchored In His Grace #homeschool #science

I’ve used CC for the past five years, since my oldest was four.  Therefore, I’ve implemented several different methods, with different books, while approaching science with Classical Conversations.  *A disclaimer: using the classical model, you really don’t need extra stuff to add to CC’s science!  The memory work is plenty for the elementary stage, but some children enjoy doing more with science.  Sticking to the basics is the primary way we simplify science in homeschool! Continue reading Simplify Science In Homeschool With Multiple Ages

5 Years of Homeschool Curriculum: Classical Conversations

For the past five years, we’ve homeschooled our children, and I pretty much have used the same curriculum the entire time.  Therefore, I’d like to spend a few weeks sharing with you my experience with the homeschool curriculum we’ve been using.


Continue reading 5 Years of Homeschool Curriculum: Classical Conversations

Classical Christian Education Explained Simply

Our entire homeschool experience has been laced with pregnancies, new babies, and even a broken foot for ten weeks.  Keeping our schooling simple has been my primary focus over the years.  If you know my story, you know that I wasn’t all that crazy about homeschooling, which you can read about here.  In order to execute this wonderful model of simpl Continue reading Classical Christian Education Explained Simply