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Chocoalte Rolls

This recipe is amazingly easy, and sure to land any busy mom a round of applause!  Quick-n-Easy Chocolate Rolls - Anchored In His Grace

I received this recipe from Shirley Reiman, the manager of The House of the Seasons Bed and Breakfast in Jefferson, TX.  Shirley is wonderful, and this bed and breakfast is a wonderful place to stay for a nice get away!  She is awesome at pampering her guests, and giving them first class treatment.  So if you’re in the Jefferson, Continue reading Chocoalte Rolls

Baked Sandwich

A friend talked me into sharing this recipe with you, and honestly I really don’t know what it’s called.  So at our house it’s just called the baked sandwich, or sometimes we call it the giant hot pocket.  It’s super easy, something the whole family enjoys, and easy to pair with soup or vegetables.   Continue reading Baked Sandwich