National Day of Prayer: More Than Just a Prayer

Tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer.  It’s when America is asked to seek favor from the Lord.  Many Christians are well aware of when the National Day of Prayer is, and what to do on that day…pray.

This excites us.  The idea of our entire nation petitioning the Lord on the same day.

How many people, I wonder, will bow before the throne of grace and seek the Lord’s favor for our nation?

How many voices will be lifted to heaven seeking healing for our land?

How many?

And what exactly are we willing to do when it comes to that prayer.  If we heard the Lord speak, are we willing to follow his instructions?

Are we willing to sacrifice, to let go of ideals, intentions, thought processes if that is what he asks of us? Continue reading National Day of Prayer: More Than Just a Prayer

Parenting Tip-O-The Day: Remembering Instructions

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Please tell me my children aren’t the only ones with a hearing problem.  In particularly hearing my instructions.  We’ve talked before about a nice little trick to grab your child’s attention, but sometimes they just walk way and plain forget the instructions you just gave them.

This itty bitty tip is so simple, I’m tempted to say that you probably already use this; however, I’ve been surprised in the past to find many wonderful parents don’t even think about this tiny tip.

One single tip to help your child remember instructions! - Anchored In His Grace #parenting #kids

What’s this jewel of a tip that makes my life easier throughout the day?

It’s this simple Continue reading Parenting Tip-O-The Day: Remembering Instructions

Juggling the Sports Season for Large Families

In our neck of the woods Spring sports is in full force, and let me tell you….placing multiple children on sports teams is most definitely a juggle!

Most often, large family anything is typically going to be some type of juggling act.  Anytime we approach the sports season, my husband and I discuss a few things first:

Who will be signing up for sports?

What are their interests?

What are their strengths/weaknesses?

What other activities is our family committed to this season?

These questions help us Continue reading Juggling the Sports Season for Large Families

Large Family Confessions: Things That Make {Me} Go Hmmm

If there’s one thing every large family has in common, it’s the fact that we get oodles of comments.  Oodles of strange comments.  And oodles of the same comments.

But I’m not going to share today about my quirky responses to those comments, instead I’m going to fess up.  There are just some questions, statements, and assumptions that I’d really rather not respond to because the truth of the matter is…my response is not going to be as earth shattering as you think it’ll be.

Large famly confessions; we're not quite what you think - Anchored In His Grace #largefamily #family Continue reading Large Family Confessions: Things That Make {Me} Go Hmmm

Let’s Get Real Home Tour

Friends, it’s time to get real with our homes!  Time to share with each other the realities of our everyday life….in pictures!

I have the fabulous challenge to take you on a mini-home tour of my own home, yet keeping these pictures authentic to my everyday life.  Whether these pictures are clean, messy, or just plain chaotic they will each demonstrate our daily life as a homeschool family of 7.

Real pictures of the real life of my home.

Real world homes for real world lives! - Anchored In His Grace

Continue reading Let’s Get Real Home Tour

Simple Organization for Busy Bags

About three or four years ago, I was introduced to busy bags, and since then we’ve never looked back.  Busy bags are a large part of my preschoolers lives, and over the years I’ve steadily collected these activities for my children.

Some I’ve created myself, some I’ve found on Pinterest, and others I’ve come across in conversations with friends.  {Here are my favorite busy bags!}  A few years ago I realized our busy bag situation needed some confinement.

Quick, simple, and easy! Organize those busy bags practically without loosing your mind! - Anchored In His Grace #busybags

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Parenting Tip-O-The Day: Goals!

This is part of a parenting tip-o-the day series.  Throughout the year I’ll bring you a tip you can apply in your parenting right away!  I’d love to hear your thoughts on today’s tip; comment below and tell me what you think!  Be sure to subscribe to Anchored In His Grace so that you never miss another parenting tip-o-the day!

Parenting is tough.  Ok, well you already knew that.  But I’ll tell ya, if there’s one thing that drives me to parenting madness it’s teaching the same concept over, and over again.  It’s disciplining for the same behavior over, and over again.  It’s the training, and re-training…over and over again.

All this going back over the same concept, the same discipline issue, the same teaching, again and again sends me to wonder if I’m even doing this parenting thing right.

Am I doing any good?

Is what I’m doing working?

Do we have to have this conversation again today?

Friends, we’ve talked before Continue reading Parenting Tip-O-The Day: Goals!

Ancient History Books for Kids

Books, books, and more books!  Can any homeschooler have enough books, or book lists?  Whatever your homeschool style or curriculum choices, chances are books are a large portion of your child’s academic day.  Ancient History is a particularly fun portion of history to enjoy with children, and over the years we’ve collected some great books (and not so great ones) introducing children to an exciting, yet mysterious time in history.

Ancient History books for kids of all ages! - Anchored In His Grace #books #homeschool

Next year, we happen to be covering Ancient History and I happen to have compiled all our favorite books on the subject, in which I am sharing here:

B is for Books on Ancient History

….with To The Moon and Back

Dare I say these books may actually be the best?  Ok, I will.  These titles are the best, and I’m thrilled to finally share them with you!

After years of collecting and weeding out not so great books, this list settles on the best ones yet.

Be sure to click the link above for our absolute favorite books we’ve used over the years, all of which my children devour and beg to read time and time again.

Are your favorite Ancient History books on the list?  What would you add to this list?

Experiencing God's grace everyday - Anchored In His Grace

The Plan Which Teaches Me To Trust

Today is a Five Minute Friday Post; every Friday bloggers are given a word prompt and instructed to write for five minutes.  No more, no less.  Today’s word prompt: plan.


Much like many mothers out there I begin my day with a plan in mind.  It’s a plan which tells me what to expect during the day.  But I’ve had a problem with that for some years.

My plan never, ever works out.

So much frustration in my day occurs due to the plan not working out.  In my early years of parenting, I would find myself experiencing anxiety due to the plan fizzling during the day.  It’s been a difficult challenge to learn how to just run with a new plan.

I even tried to head this off by creating several different plans to work with for my week.  Plans which included the disruptions; maybe if I included those disruptions I wouldn’t have this shut down effect when the plan doesn’t work out the way I envisioned.

But then I discovered something. Continue reading The Plan Which Teaches Me To Trust

Kissing Mommy Guilt Good-Bye

Ten years ago I was a new mom with a four-month old baby in my arms.  Like most new mothers I was overwhelmed with the sentiment that I had no idea what I was doing.  Knowing full well that I lacked the basic knowledge to care for a new baby, let alone be a good parent, I poured over magazine articles and books.

As I read I didn’t realize it but I created lists upon lists about what a good mommy does.  I kept mental notes on quality time with my baby, food choices, activities to provide, diapering choices, play date options, scheduling, flexibility, going out, staying in, and on and on the lists grew.

Toss in a few more babies within the next three years and one thing was for sure. Continue reading Kissing Mommy Guilt Good-Bye