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Write 31 Days Wrap-Up

For the entire month of October I took a blogging challenge, writing on one topic each day of the month.  Each day in October I shared with you lies that moms tell themselves, and the truth in God’s word combatting those lies.  However, there’s one lie that we didn’t get to visit, and it’s the biggest lie that can overcome us.  If this lie is not tackled, we simply don’t have the means to tackle the other lies.

What is this lie? Continue reading Write 31 Days Wrap-Up

You’re No Failure

I see it all the time, and hear it more often than I’d like.  Spoken from some of the best mothers I know.  I’ve even spoken it myself a time or two.

Maybe I neglected my morning.  Maybe the day is askew.  Maybe my to-do list is  unchecked.  And then I hear it.

I’m a failure.

I’ve failed my children, my husband, and God.

Moms, I can’t sit here and Continue reading You’re No Failure

Lies And The Everlasting God

Sometimes the lies of motherhood are so overwhelming the only thing we can do is shed tears over them.  The lies come in many forms, words we tell ourselves, words we’ve heard from society, feelings which overtake us, and then we splash in the pool of those lies.

We feel unworthy to go to God.

We feel unsuited for motherhood.

We feel deserted, and left alone.

We feel defeated, and helpless.

The one and only way to Continue reading Lies And The Everlasting God

You’re Not Stuck In Sin

As a mom I take a good long look at myself daily and see the same struggles every. single. day.  It’s easy to assume I’m making no progress in the issues that plague my heart.  It’s easy to assume I’m stuck in my old sinful ways.

I dwell on what I see daily, and wallow in frustration claiming defeat from the enemy.

I’m hopeless.

We moms are good at this.  We Continue reading You’re Not Stuck In Sin

A Mother’s Fears

Too many times worry and anxiety overtake me as a mother.  Nothing has brought me to emotional angst like worrying over my children.  There is just so much to be concerned for them.  It’s one thing if something bad happens to myself, but my kids?

That’s a totally different story!

Moms when we live in worry over our children we’re Continue reading A Mother’s Fears

A Quiet Time? Or A Production?

What’s a quality quiet time supposed to look like for the Christian mom?

I have always struggled with consistent quiet time, but add in children and now my struggles have compounded.  Primarily because of what I thought my quiet time was supposed to be.

My idea of a quality quiet time involved books, notebooks, a schedule of what to say in my prayers, and organizing my quiet time so that it follows some sort of routine. Continue reading A Quiet Time? Or A Production?

Hands of A Warrior

Dear moms, your hands are those of a warrior, and within them hold a valued treasure.

“Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him.  Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one’s youth.  Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.  They will not be put to shame when they contend with their enemies in the gate.” Psalm 127:3-5 (emphasis mine)

What God really has to say about moms - Anchored In His Grace #write31days

Do not for one moment fall for the lie that what we do as moms is not valuable.

31 days messages from God

Experiencing God's grace everyday - Anchored In His Grace

We Can’t Thwart God’s Plans

Moms, we all know we’re imperfect mothers, and we know we’ll mess up in our parenting if we haven’t done so already.  But there’s something else we do as well.

We dwell on our imperfections, and then assume that we’re actually capable of thwarting God’s ultimate plans.

Much like the other lies, this isn’t something we verbalize, and we may not even realize we’re capable of thinking such thoughts.  But the thoughts are there. Continue reading We Can’t Thwart God’s Plans

God’s Provision for Mothers

In the last post we took a look at God giving us enough for today, and all we need to do is to go and gather what he’s provided.  In previous posts we’ve discussed how God is enough, and even that he is the one doing the ultimate work in our children, not us.

Let’s continue digging a little into God’s provisions for us moms.  I know at times of frustration, I forget that God is enough, that he’s working in my children’s lives, and I’ll even go down the road of this lie: Continue reading God’s Provision for Mothers

Enough For Today

Most of us know the events surrounding the Israelites crossing the Red Sea in order to escape the hands of the Egyptians.  Following this time, they began to grumble and complain that they had nothing to eat or drink.  They worried that God tricked them to following him into the desert all to be left alone and die.

They worried that God wouldn’t actually provide for their basic needs even though they’d witnessed his miraculous signs and wonders.

They knew what God could do, they just doubted he would actually do it again for them. Continue reading Enough For Today