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Ancient History Books for Kids

Books, books, and more books!  Can any homeschooler have enough books, or book lists?  Whatever your homeschool style or curriculum choices, chances are books are a large portion of your child’s academic day.  Ancient History is a particularly fun portion of history to enjoy with children, and over the years we’ve collected some great books (and not so great ones) introducing children to an exciting, yet mysterious time in history.

Ancient History books for kids of all ages! - Anchored In His Grace #books #homeschool

Next year, we happen to be covering Ancient History and I happen to have compiled all our favorite books on the subject, in which I am sharing here:

B is for Books on Ancient History

….with To The Moon and Back

Dare I say these books may actually be the best?  Ok, I will.  These titles are the best, and I’m thrilled to finally share them with you!

After years of collecting and weeding out not so great books, this list settles on the best ones yet.

Be sure to click the link above for our absolute favorite books we’ve used over the years, all of which my children devour and beg to read time and time again.

Are your favorite Ancient History books on the list?  What would you add to this list?

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Books on a Budget

If there’s one thing homeschoolers have in common it’s their love for books.  Books, books, and more books is the hot topic of conversation between homeschoolers of every background you can imagine.

The problem is, how to you utilize all these wonderful books without breaking your budget?

Utilizing quality books on a budget takes a bit of planning.  You’ve got to know what your budget for school books is, what you absolutely need for homeschooling, as well as what you want for your homeschool.

It takes time, but Continue reading Books on a Budget

Our Favorite Books For Kids!

“Read this, read this!”

Those are precious little words I hear daily from my two year-old!  Music to a mommy’s ears, right?  Reading to my children has been such a wonderful time of snuggles, and sharing good stories with them.  And because reading with your child is so awesome, I’m sharing our favorite books for kids!  I’m even tossing in our favorite school books.  Not curriculums, but books that correspond with what my children are learning, and feed their desire to learn more.

Awesome books from toddler to elementary! - Anchored In His Grace

This list isn’t an exhaustive list of books, just our favorites. Continue reading Our Favorite Books For Kids!