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Teaching Children Financial Skills

Every parent I know wants their children to learn good money managing skills.  I’m not going to pretend that we have it all figured out, after all our children are still young.  However, I am going to share with you the many different methods we’re implementing in order to teach our children financial skills.

Awesome tips for teaching children financial skills! - Anchored In His Grace #parenting #moneymanagement

Give your children a system to collect their money.

We like these nifty little banks, in which my husband found by Mudpuppy.  (After much searching, the only one I could find Continue reading Teaching Children Financial Skills

How We Save Money On Groceries

A few weeks ago, I shared my top tips for obtaining financial security.  I shared that once we began using cash for our groceries, we saw a dramatic decrease in how much money we spend on groceries.

How much is the actual savings?

Each month we’re saving two to three hundred dollars.  By the end of the year, that will add up to $2,400 – $3,600!  Could you use few extra thousand dollars for your family?  To be honest, I had no idea I was overspending that much–just on groceries.

Saving 100's on groceries simply & easily! - Anchored In His Grace #savingmoney

Our grocery budget has been a thorn in my side ever since the beginning of our marriage.  For some reason, I’ve always over spent on groceries.  Every. single. month.  I’ve tried so many different techniques to save money on groceries, but really, nothing was working.  Until now. Continue reading How We Save Money On Groceries

Basic Financial Skills for Everyone!

When my husband was a child, he was introduced to money management by means of using envelopes to manage the little bit of money he’d receive.  He took these ideas to heart; as he grew into an adult, he sought to manage his money well.

I know, really responsible!  On a side note, I was never like that.

Great tips that helped us live financially secure! - Anchored In His Grace #financialtips

When we married, he taught me how to budget, and how to live on a budget.  We discussed financial goals together, and made financial plans together.

In our fourteen years of marriage, we’ve learned how to live life without being burdened by money.  It hasn’t been an issue of strife in our marriage, and we’re looking forward to paying off our very last piece of debt soon…our mortgage. Continue reading Basic Financial Skills for Everyone!