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The Plan Which Teaches Me To Trust

Today is a Five Minute Friday Post; every Friday bloggers are given a word prompt and instructed to write for five minutes.  No more, no less.  Today’s word prompt: plan.


Much like many mothers out there I begin my day with a plan in mind.  It’s a plan which tells me what to expect during the day.  But I’ve had a problem with that for some years.

My plan never, ever works out.

So much frustration in my day occurs due to the plan not working out.  In my early years of parenting, I would find myself experiencing anxiety due to the plan fizzling during the day.  It’s been a difficult challenge to learn how to just run with a new plan.

I even tried to head this off by creating several different plans to work with for my week.  Plans which included the disruptions; maybe if I included those disruptions I wouldn’t have this shut down effect when the plan doesn’t work out the way I envisioned.

But then I discovered something. Continue reading The Plan Which Teaches Me To Trust