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National Day of Prayer: More Than Just a Prayer

Tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer.  It’s when America is asked to seek favor from the Lord.  Many Christians are well aware of when the National Day of Prayer is, and what to do on that day…pray.

This excites us.  The idea of our entire nation petitioning the Lord on the same day.

How many people, I wonder, will bow before the throne of grace and seek the Lord’s favor for our nation?

How many voices will be lifted to heaven seeking healing for our land?

How many?

And what exactly are we willing to do when it comes to that prayer.  If we heard the Lord speak, are we willing to follow his instructions?

Are we willing to sacrifice, to let go of ideals, intentions, thought processes if that is what he asks of us? Continue reading National Day of Prayer: More Than Just a Prayer

Lessons I Learned While Visiting Missionary Friends

This is the final part of a series in which I share with you about a recent trip my family took to Guatemala.  Be sure to check the end of this post for earlier parts in this series you may have missed!

Well, here we are.  You’ve seen how Guatemala took my breath away, you read about the grueling experience of leaving my younger children behind, and even discovered the adventures we had in Guatemala.  But today, I’m sharing with you the lessons I took away with me.  These are the things that I dwell on mostly, and what still pricks at my heart.  They’re what I consider the most integral part of our trip…well, at least for me.

What I really learned when I visited missionary friends. - Anchored In His Grace

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A Mama’s Adventures In Guatemala

Each Wednesday, I’ve been sharing about our family trip to Guatemala to encourage, and support our missionary friends.  Today I’m pleased to share with you the adventures we had while we were there.

Our adventures in another country with our children - Anchored In His Grace

Leaving little ones behind was quite the adventure for this mama’s heart, but as the minivan rolled out of our driveway early one morning, the adventure had only begun.  There were quite a few different experiences Continue reading A Mama’s Adventures In Guatemala