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Let’s Get Real Home Tour

Friends, it’s time to get real with our homes!  Time to share with each other the realities of our everyday life….in pictures!

I have the fabulous challenge to take you on a mini-home tour of my own home, yet keeping these pictures authentic to my everyday life.  Whether these pictures are clean, messy, or just plain chaotic they will each demonstrate our daily life as a homeschool family of 7.

Real pictures of the real life of my home.

Real world homes for real world lives! - Anchored In His Grace

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Easy Busy Bags for Little Ones

Over the years I’ve collected quite a few busy bags for my little ones.  Busy bags have been a great way for my preschoolers, and toddlers, to have a quiet activity they can do on their own.

Many busy bags offer an educational element, but they all offer fine motor practice.  Not to mention the independent skills young children are learning when they retrieve their busy bag, and then are expected to put it away when they’re completed.

Busy bags are simple activities in which all supplies fit into a zipped, gallon size plastic bag.  I must have at least 30 busy bags tucked away, but there are some that my children gravitate towards weekly.

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Life’s Race: What Are You Running For?

There’s nothing like a great story to get your noggin’ working overtime.  Last night my family watched the movie Chrariots of Fire; a story about Eric Liddell’s choice between competing in the Olympics and his devotion to the Lord.

It was so interesting watching the movie; as we saw the story unfold, we had a glimpse of his desire to honor the Lord, and point people to Christ at the same time.  After years of training he ends up in the Olympics, and come to find out his event is on Sunday.  Deeply convicted of running on the Lord’s day, he chose not to compete.

As I thought about those circumstances I know exactly what I would be thinking.

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The Great Work of Motherhood

I’m excited to announce that I am now a contributing writer to Essential Thing Devotions!  Once a month I’ll share a devotion; hop on over to take a look at what we’re discussing today!

You're doing a great work mom, guard it well! - Anchored In His Grace #motherhood

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